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    Anyone know of a dealer with and 800 SXR in stock?

    Ok so I went to the local dealer on July 3rd to buy an 800 SXR, the dealer told us that it would be there either tueday or wednesday (the 5th or the 6th) because they just had to send someone to pick it up. We waited until Friday (the 8th) to call them, they said that the one they were getting was from another dealer and was marked as not sold but there was actually a deposit on it and it should have been marked as sold (sounded like usual salesman lying), but they had another one and it would be here within a week(Friday the 15th). On Friday the 15th we called and asked again, only to be told by the salesman that he had told us a week to two weeks (not the one week that he actually said)and said "it sounds like you don't trust me", after getting on the phone with the sales manager he said it was being shipped form the depot in california and would be here any day now and that he would track it for us. One Monday the 18th we called again to be told that the sals manager wasnt in and wouldnt be until the 20th and that he is the only one who can track orders. I feel like I am getting the run around by these guys and have started calling dealers to try to find one with it in stock because I feel like I may not even get one from them and if I do it wont be until summer is over. I am in New York so I dont expect many dealers to have them here, so the first call I made was to North American Warhorse today, to which they said they sold the one they had in stock two days ago and when I asked how long it would take to order one they said that they cannot get anymore (dont know why this would be since the year isnt over yet and they can still produce them). So does anyone know of a dealer that has one in stock, the northeast would be preferable, but I could have it shipped from elsewhere if there is no other option.

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    last time i checked i didnt think you could buy a two stroke ski from a dealer in NY

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    they can sell them but only to out of state residents, just like since I'm a NY resident I still couldn't buy it from a Pennsylvania dealer, I have a relative in Pennsylvania who is the buyer, she will then register it in her state, and after that she can "sell" it so me and I can register it in New York, this is allowed since the vehicle is then classified as used.

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    thanks im gonna call that dealer first thing in the morning to put a deposit on it, then demand my deposit back from the other dealer

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