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    New Here

    Hello everyone !!!

    I have just purchased 2 kawasaki ultra 300LX's for the wife and I.......they are awesome BTW. I have never had a jetski so this is all new to me and i have a few questions. I need to change my oil and i can't find a oil extractor kit for these new ski's. 2nd i need to find where i can find the engine fogging oil with out going back to the dealer. 3rd is there anything that i need to do / look out for with these ski's that i may want to do my self.

    Thanks for the help.

    P.S. This is a awesome web site

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    Welcome aboard, Kevin!

    Can't tell you a thing about the 300's, but I think the 250/260s had trouble with loose hose clamps, etc. when new.

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    Thanks Steve I'll check those hose clamps...... I guess everyone here takes their jetski to the dealer for a oil change LOL.

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    nope we do it ourselves

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    Welcome to GH! The online store here carries the HT Moto fluid extractor and thats the one I use for around $55.

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