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    Hull full of oil-inconsistent oil leak

    My 2006 RXP has a very odd issue that has my mechanic and myself racking our brain. Rewind about a year my brother was riding the ski and an exhaust cooling hose broke and swamped the ski. i drained the ski and had it to my mechanic within hours very little water ingestion. Everything worked out but he mentioned that he found a lot of oil at the bottom of the hull and the oil level was low but when he filled everything up he could find no sign of a leak. So we figured keep an eye on it, and haven't seen anything since. Now 3 weeks ago my dad takes the ski to his GA house and says that the marina overfilled the the skis with gas and the bilge pumped out some gas. i scratched my head but said ok what ever(now i realize it was oil). Now last weekend im riding my sx and my brother and his girl are riding the rxp. we take a break and he switches on the bilge and black shit just starts pouring out... OIL. so i tell him head in now we were right near the shore. As he hits the shore low coil warning comes up, get the ski out and barely a freckle on the dipstick. Took a quart to even get it to the low mark on the dipstick. Fill the oil up and start it no leak WTF.

    Trying to diagnose i have looked everywhere except pulling the motor and checking the plugs that are on the bottom of the motor. Brainstorming I remember that acouple times after a day of hard riding when i would get home to clean the dipstick would be up by maybe 1/4" and always scratched my head about that. But now im thinking could the PCV be sticking causing crankcase pressure to build and forcing oil out some where? Has anyone heard of this or have any ideas? I was thinking of using a hand pump kinda how you do on a carb and manually pressurize the case but I dont know exactly how much pressure the case should take and i am worried about causing a leak and damaging a seal.

    So any ideas GH?

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    Is it leaking only when running? Try riding with the seat off. Check the boot on the Pto cover and also make sure the o-rings are sealed properly on the oil filter cover.

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    clean ALL of the oil out of the bilge and dry the water out of it. Put some oil absorbent rags or paper towels under the whole motor. White is best. Run the ski on the hose for 3 to 4 min then pull the rags out and see which ones have oil on them. 2 common places are the oil cooler (under the intake) and the rear seal where the drive shaft enters the motor

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    I will bet the boot that holds that floating bearing on the driveshaft is torn. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

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    It doesn't always leak even when running. Drive shaft area and oil cooler is clear

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    Ive had a valve cover gasket leak, and oil come from the grommet @ the stator wires out of the PTO cover

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    Stuck vent valve. Pressure is popping the dip stick out and pumping the oil out the dipstick tube into the block. Won't be consistent as different engine load will create different crankcase pressure. With the seat off, run the engine either on the trailer or on the hose. Wait a couple of minutes and then slightly pull up on the dipstick. If you hear a tremendous amount of pressure release, then you need a new valve. High crankcase pressures will cause seals to blow out and poorer running conditions. In extreme cases, you can lose the entire engine. Worth a check to be on the safe side. You can also run it with the dipstick out and your finger on the hole of the tube to feel how much pressure is building up.

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    Stop lending other people your ski!!! Seriously though it seems like a problm with venting of your crankcase or compression blowby from worn rings. That would create more pressure than the normal venting could handle.

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