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    03 virage hard to start

    my neighbor has a this 03 Virage, I get to fix his toys, - this thing is fuek injected, it acts like there is no starting circut working - give it a shot of starting fluid helps but needs more. What and how do I check it?

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    Fuel pressure guage and battery cranking volts ?

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    Make sure you have a good fresh battery in it. Fuel pressure should be over 20psi while turning the engine over.

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    sorry for being away - having to work gets in the way of play but makes it MUCH easier. He is taking it to a shop in Thomball tomorrow - i've forwarded both replies - we'll see what the shop has to say.

    Greatly appreciate the input.

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    Looks like it is coming back - is there an online service manual to download cheap? Hopefully he still has the owners manual.

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    I don't know about cheap online manuals. The FICHT section of Polaris PWC Knowledge should tell you just about everything you need to properly diagnose this ski: http://polarispwcknowledge.shorturl....jected-engines


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