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    sl 750 slow to start

    I have a sl 750. first Ill tell you about it and whats bin done. It had a bad exhaust gasket and the one cylinder would get water in it I replaced it, also the pump was bad so I replaced it with a later I believe sl 780 pump for more top end. I also replaced the factory flame arrestor with a later style. I also put in a aftermarket grate dont rember what kind. Any way this ski runs great except when I go to take off its boggy like reallly boggy. you have to lean forward to get it to go. Once you get it going it goes good but if you turn of stop to get it going again its really boggy. Im wonderin if its the carbs, or the grate or Ive heard of the crank moving because of the water wont compress. what does this sound like/ Oh and also I put a tripple snowmobile pump in it to get rid of the single pump delemia.

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    By bogguy i mean i give it gas and the engine struggles. but once it gets goin its like it hits a power band and goes.

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    Its a 1993 sl 750. also It could be a sl 750 pump I dont recall Ill take it off. I believe they the sl 750s came with a 4 blade and the rest where 3 blades

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    the impeller is a 5131079

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