Carbed. Bought used. All 3 plugs failed 1st time out. (no lie) Swapped plugs from my 01 Gen. Started right up. Put varage plugs in Gen. No start. New plugs, off we go. Shop spark tester showed spark but wouldn't jump plugs. Go figure. 2nd time out, lost spark. Nothing. Replaced CDI. Started, and off we go. 3rd time, stalled once after 1 hr. but restarted with a quick choke pull. Ran fine. On way home, trailer wheel almost came off. Limped home. Fixed trailer. Next weekend, off we go. Stalled after 1 hr. Would start with quick choke pull, but stall within 20 ft. Limped to dock. Clearly a fuel delivery problem, but how? Plugs are dry.Has the gray lines. Runs fine at the shop, (auto) Cannot duplicate condition unless I'm on the lake. Has a new lr505, new AGM battery, CDI, charges around 13.8 to 14.1 on the water. No warning lights. As soon as it's on the trailer it started right up and revs. fine. Overheating? I'm at a loss. Any ideas? I did just buy a new tow rope. My 1st ski's, and I'm not having fun yet. The common denominator is 1 hour riding. 3rd trip was stop for awhile, not constant running. Plenty of fuel. I've marked the tank and I'm gonna fill-er up, see if it stalls at that fuel level. Still half full though.