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    WTB!!! Mikuni 44mm for 650 sx, WTB reeds, WTB intake manifold

    WTB intake manifold mikuni 44, and reed cages with reeds. for 650 sx

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    i have new, SBN 44 carbs here for 185.00

    our own RCJS carb adapters, to run a mikuni SBN carb, on your stock kehin intake manifold. 25.00. you will need to bore/port match your intake, to the new larger sized carb. if you are unable to do this, i sell an intake/adapter combo ready to run for 85.00 exchange for your old intake.

    i have good, used, OE stock reed cage/pedal assemblies for 25.00 ea. also have some new, and used aftermarket shoices too, if you want.

    please email, or call if interested.

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