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    Problem with 2000 Yamaha SUV 1200

    Just got this ski and it seemed to be running rough. When out on the water, it lost power and died. It had a no spark issue and I ran down all the normal avenue to check where the problem resided. It ended up that the magnet on the flywheel had broken into pieces and cut the stator wires. With the fly wheel off and looking at the shaft, there is lots of slack: up and down, front to back. Is this a bearing issue or a deeper problem? I am Not sure I want to just put another flywheel on and run if there is something else wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like you need to pull the crankshaft out and inspect the bearings. There should little to no movement up/down/in/out.

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    I will go ahead and pull the crankshaft and inspect, thank you for the reply.

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