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    657x popping carbs

    ok so i got a old ski a 94 xp with the 657x in it. it Ran great and fast for what it was. then i was out ridding it and then it started to lose power and start to pop thru the carbs it would idle great. but as soon as i gave it gas it would bog out and start to pop thru the carbs.
    so took it home and started to tear it down and found out it was a salt water motor and bolts started to brake off. so i got a new (used) Rebuilt motor slaped it in and ran great.

    Then the same thing happen popping thru carbs and no power. but at times it would start to rev up and sound great. but as soon as you let off the gas and gun it again it whould start to pop and bog. so i switch out carbs thinking it was the carbs but same issue. my buddy say the carbs need rebuild but im not sure if its the carbs or something else. could it be the coils or electronics?
    thanks for any help

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    I got it going broken plug and bad wire

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    what do you mean broken plug?and which wire was bad?sometimes i have that problem with my 720.

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