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    Cool 94 sl 750 tuning

    ok so i bought this 94 sl 750 about 2 yrs ago only rode it twice had to do a carb rebuild on it this winter, put it all back together and have rode it a hand full of times. now i'm pretty green to the pwc thing but i'm not stupid when it comes to engines, just never delt with a triple 2 stroke... im sure it needs the carbs tuned and i've read the tuning specs on here, but to be honest i don't understand what High speed screw 7/8M 1/2C 5/8P low speed screw 1/2
    means. at high speed its a animal but low speed it wants to foul out and seems like it has no mid range.....

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    Its talkin about the cylinder the M cylinder is the one farthest to the front the C cylinder is the one in the center and the p cylinder is the one farthest back. each carb is tunned differntly.

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