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    Am I Getting In Over My Head?

    So I had a stock 05 rxp. I had a lot of fun with it but ending up selling it to get another car. Well the car is getting old and I am wanting to get back into another ski. I am looking into getting a modded ski. I consider myself pretty mechanically inclined. However my knowledge of skis is still lacking a little bit. This is the ski that I am considering getting.

    My question is there going to be a lot of up keep and can I expect to have a lot of problems with something this modded. As much as I want to go fast I don't really want to be constantly wrenching on something. Do you think this is the right ski for me?

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    Damn! nice ski. There are a lot of things done to it I haven't done yet that I'd like to. Also look at the backround in the pictures. Looks like the dude takes good care of his toys, I wouldn't worry about the wrenching. Appears aside from maint modification is all done. I have no idea on where you are at price, but I don't see anything that looks high maintenance. If you get it have a ball.....glad you are 1400 miles away cause I haven't hit 80 yet!

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    Thanks for the reply brother. Good points

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    All the weak parts have been takin care of, it's almost virtually bullet proof if everything was done right. Can only go so far with pics.. a ride would obviously be necessary... bring someone along that knows a little and how it should feel and what to check

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    Yeah he said I could ride it when I get down there. I am going to have him do a compression test for me too. He is also going to send me a walk around video with the ski running. I don't really have the option to take somebody with me. I normally wouldn't have looked for a ski so far away but were going to be right around the corner when we road trip it down there for our cruise in a couple weeks. We can just drive a couple hours south a bring the ski back with us.

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    all the fast ski's in florida heheh

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    Yeah I guess I lucked out. It doesn't get much better then getting off a cruise ship then going to pick up a ski

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