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Thread: Jet Ski Paint

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    Jet Ski Paint

    Ok guys I am search of some paint to touch up some spots on my ski. I looked around and found a website/company called color rite that has exactly what I need but they seem kind of pricey? Thatís probably how much the paint cost but I want to be sure before I buy it. Thanks everyone

    Color Rite information i got:

    Kawasaki 001 Jet White

    1/2 Pint +$86.95

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    Yea, I priced some paint (can't remember if it was Color Rite or who, but it was the place the Kawi dealer said to order from). With the special primer, paint, and clear coat, it was going to be about $100 to repaint the mirrors. Screw it! I found some Krylon at Wal-Mart that is almost a perfect match for less than $4.

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    ok thats what i will do thank you steve!!! you have helped me on everything i have posted or needed thanks again bro

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