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    External Fuel Pump Replacement

    My triple piper's fuel pressure at WOT has been dropping. It has Novis. I'm down to a 80 main jet fuel line restrictor. Used to to run 5 psi at WOT - now it barely hits 3 psi. Looks the three old square Bombadier fuel pumps need to be replaced.

    Any suggestions on replacement external fuel pumps? Mikuni DF62?

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    Run two of the DF62s. That will be plenty of fuel flow. That is the setup most run

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    Thanks. Going with two would be easier. Even though old Novi doc's call for 3 - 18 gph pumps that does seem like overkill.

    Any details about the hose routing with two pumps ?

    Is one pulse line plugged off - since there are only two pumps?

    Is one output from one of the pumps just plugged or are all the pumps feeding all the carbs via a series of Y's?

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