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    help with fuel problem please!!!

    Hi there, am new to this so i appriciate any advise i can get.......
    does anyone no how much fuel is suposed to come out of the fuel line when you crank it over? I'm trying to determine if the fuel pump is good. I have a very little stream when cranking the motor. I am having problems running the machine and have to play with the choke fully closed to fire but dies when you let off cant throtle up at all just bogs out...
    any suggestions???????? it is a 750 polaris jetski

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    What year and model 750? The 750 Fujis, depending on year and model, can be host to a bevy of fuel related issues. Start here...

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    as far as i can tell its a 1997 750 sl not sure where to look for the numbers on the engine to be exact!!!

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