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    kawasaki 900 sts 2002 - help to solve the problem.

    All the good days. I appeal to you for help. I have the following problem: my kawasaki 900 sts began to behave strangely - does not work the second cylinder. With the engine running remove the caps from the spark - the first and the third well, the second - does not react. I thought that the case in the ignition coil - changed places from first to second - then the same thing, the second does not work. Dismantled the carbs, cleaned them - all remained as before. Accelerates to 35 miles per hour, speed at maximum - 5600. Tomorrow I measure the compression and otpishu. I beg you - help me with my problem. Thanks in advance, Alexander

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    Pull the spark plugs and tell us what they look like. While you have them out, do a compression test. Make sure to ground the spark plug wires when you do the compression test.

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    now measured the compression. Indications are disappointing. The first cylinder - 90 psi, second - 45 psi, third - 82psi. Candles - only in the first cylinder has a normal color, the second and third - black with soot, and the raid on the prison. He poured some oil in the second cylinder - Compression increased to 90 psi. I bought a cleaner pistons and rings of carbon - will try again tomorrow, can temporarily help. But the conclusion is obvious - the overhaul is needed. In this regard, there is the question: why such a fall in the second compression cylinder? Thank you in advance for your advice with regards, Alexander

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    Yep, top overhaul time.

    Check that the oil line for the middle cylinder didn't fall off. Most likely the carb got trash in it and leaned out.

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    Good afternoon. I appeal once again for the help. I made major repairs to my Kawasaki 900 STS. Squandered the cylinder block to 0.50 from the OEM, put new pistons and rings, all gaskets are also new. Start the engine after assembly, and observe the following picture: the first cylinder is working fine, the second - half the power Trett does not work at all. Such a conclusion is made​​, alternately removing the cap from the spark to the motor is running. And Trett cylinder does not run even if I pour it directly into gasoline. Candles set new ones.
    Please tell me where to start? In the carbs are not climbing. can they blame? And another thing: when it works, then a sharp push on the gas causes it to stall. Maybe the air supply is not in order?
    Thanks in advance, with best regards, Alexander

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