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    787 westcoast questions?

    I am looking at buying a 787 engine from a guy that is suppose to be a westcoast motor? trying to find more info about it. Are they still in business is the company that makes westcoast products the same?

    I pulled the cylinders and they measure 82mm with a little ruler so I am assuming they are stock, I didnít have my digital calipers with me.

    The cases have the number 507 scratched into the top half and bottom half

    The cylinders have s008 scratched into one and s009 into the other

    there is no intake but It also looks like the intake into the the cases is ported

    the head looks stock but it has no paint on the head and there is an extra brass fitting in the top corner for a water line??

    the motor is clean and looks good in the cylinders, crank feels good. I am looking for stock reliability more than anything. I can get the motor for 500 or less maybe, he was told it was rebuilt when he bought it by westcoast?

    can anyone give me some insight on any of this, like what the numbers mean, if I can run stock carbs, if this might be a westcoast motor?


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    Post some pictures. Shoot some in the intake and exhaust ports as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermie View Post
    I'll take a stab. It says f=225psi r=225 psi I think thats higher than stock compression (150?) the head is from a newer motor (works fine) looks like they drilled another hole and put the fitting for extra cooling. Looks just like the motor I have from a 97xp with a newer head on it. Prob cut the head down for higher compression. And I think that high compression may need race gas? I don't really know but that sounds wicked high. Depends how long it sat and weither or not it was sotred correctly lots of bearings in there that could rust if it sat for a long time.

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    Ok I didnít buy the motor yet, but I have it here at my house.
    I hooked a starter to it, put a little lube in the cylinder and cranked it over,
    without the rave valves or the rotary valve on it.
    I got 160 psi in each cylinder
    I am thinking this is a stock motor with some porting done to it, and some mods done to the cooling system.
    the pistons are stock diameter

    what do you guys think?

    also do the 787 have two different ptoís with a different thread? because he said he had a pto from a 787 but it didnít match the thread???/


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