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    Help with Turbo Conversion on the ultra 250

    Ok so I've seriously decided to do a Turbo Conversion on my ultra 250

    First of all i did a search, but didnt find enough info or recent info

    so whats the easiest way to get this done? without buying an entire kit, I can fabricate myself and I have worked on alot of turbo conversions on cars

    I live in the caribbean and i'm looking for at least 85MPH

    If you have any Turbo conversion pics for the ultra 250 please post here

    My first problem is the exhaust mainfold, what have others used who have done this before, with respect to water passing thru the manifold.

    Can the stock ECU be used, with fuel pressure regulator and upgraded injectors?
    The ski will only be used for short sprint/drag about 1/8 mile

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    Hi Drift you should post this or have it moved by a moderator into the Kawasaki 4 stroke forum
    there you will find the answers to your questions

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    cany any mods move this?

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