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    Noob questions. Took off flywheel cover and tons of shavings stuck to flywheel. Help!

    Hello all.

    Got a free 1992 kawasaki 750 SS jet ski, pulled off the head and saw a little rust in patches in one cylinder and the other is unviewable as the piston is stuck at the top of the cylinder. Pulled off the flywheel cover and could not turn the flywheel AT ALL by hand. There was a solid handful of metal shavings that looked like little springs stuck to the flywheel. I have no idea what's going on with this as it's my first jet ski. Any ballpark ideas on what's wrong and what's the cost to rehabilitate this nightmare? Thanks for all your help.

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    The flywheel has magnets built into it. Sounds like the winding core for the stator was too close and hit it, perhaps it got water in there and rusted it so they hit. Probably not the end of the world, but you may need a new stator and/or flywheel.

    You may have to buy a flywheel puller, too. Flywheels and stators can be found on Ebay and elsewhere. Probably best to get the stator with the cover attached. Check the condition of the bearings on the oil pump drive, while you're in there. If they're not smooth, buy new bearings and seal at a bearing shop, cheaper than Kawasaki.

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    Thanks for your help steve, you've been a great help. Pulled engine and it seems like it's in good shape, i'm going to rebuild top end. Still trying to figure out exactly how to paint an SMC hull.

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