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    1995 polaris slt 750 machine will run fine untill gas line runs dry/has a full tank

    1995 polaris slt 750 machine will run fine untill gas line runs dry/has a full tank.can anyone help me with this ty very much

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    You are just going to have to dig in and find the problem. It could be the gas filter, line blockage, pickup, fuel pump, on off valve. There is some really good info in the Polaris section of this forum for upgrading fuel systems.

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    check the fuel pick ups and the fuel pump do u have the triple outlet pump? have u changed the gray tempo fuel lines out

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    just bought machine,has new fump and fuel lines have being replaced,from previous owner,i did find fuel line in tank is really weak and spongy,going to try that ty for replies

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    remove the feed line and blow some air through it back to the tank to see if it is clear.

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    Check to see if the previous owner installed the fuel line restrictor in rgw return hose. It should be about 3/4" inside the hose coming off the carbs and going back to the tank.

    Check the water seperator fuel filter for debris.

    And welcome to the Hulk

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