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Thread: Bolt on mods

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    Bolt on mods

    New to the world of mods! What do you suggest To start with for lake / recreational

    Are shred masters worth the money? What about rd extended nozzle? Looking to spend about a grand or less on initial mods

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    I've got a nice set of OEM carbs modded by Steve at Skiworx for sale. This allows you to run Prok air flilters. The filters are included. They are in the classifides section. Also a set of 42cc recut oem heads. This will give you better low end and mid range.

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    Yep, the carbs give great throttle response!

    Nozzle: Waste of money, makes steering harder and gains are minimal at best.

    Shredmaster Plate: worth it IF you don't get aftermarke sponsons. If your getting sponsons they pretty much negate all the bad habits of the ultra, and they are cheaper.

    Best mod to do is the tripple pisser mod and a Groco water filter (model 750) Cheap insurance. No speed gains but you will make your machine last!

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