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    Jetski Fishing rack/rig

    Aloha everyone,I go by Ed but my screen name is Big Game. jus getting started in this jetski fishing/trolling. I need some insight on how, where, and what I should buy for my ski. I have a 2008 Yamaha FX HO.

    I live in Central Oahu and looking for some guys to go out on skis to fish or troll with.

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    First, welcome to the forum. Lots of good folks w/tips and info. to help you out here on GH.

    Second, you def. need to get yourself a fishing rack of some kind. While I have a DIY that's great for fishing and toting gear, IDK if PVC is the way to go for big game fishing. I'm guessing you'll want to get something custom fab'd out of SS or a quality grade of aluminum. Google could help you w/that, but if you can, find a local on the island to give you a custom fit.

    Please don't ever leave us here on GH, but you might find a fishing partner or two in your area via I'm a member there too, but rarely post. I'm an "inland" only fisher, but quite a number of those guys on the other site fishing open waters. I think I rem. some also being from the islands.

    Finally, be sure you've checked into whatever safety gear it takes to meet your needs. And don't ever forget to file a "float plan" w/a family member or friend. Even though I fish smooth, inland waters, my family always knows the general area I'm fishing and what time I'd due back in.

    Best of luck and please post up about your trips.

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    Thanks for the info 83Gator. I notice that ur from LA. My wife is from there to. They used to live in Mearuax until Katrina. Her mother now lives in Slidell.

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    We here a lot of that in the last 5 years: "We used to live/work/play in (fill in the blank for a NOLA based geo.) until Katrina..." Hope all of your wife's family came out OK.

    And, anytime I can help, say the word...

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