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    can I do this? turbo question

    this may be a stupid question, I know of a real nice 2009 Yamaha VX Deluxe...can a turbo(high output) be easily added? approx cost? thanks!

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    im sure you can add a turbo but theres a reason the vx is cheap its a starter ski. by the time you add the turbo and get the hp up to a more desireable hp range you can just get something else like an fxho. MY OPINION!!! buy it and use it as it is, is all kidding aside its not a bad ski and if going 55mph is fine then buy it but if you want to go 70 take the money your going to use to buy this and your turbo kit and get something else

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    +2, by the time u finish buying the turbo kit and all the other goodies you will probably spend a lot more then just buying one with a turbo already...

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    ok, thanks for replies, just wanted to know and I'm sure your right....just a pretty hot lookin' black ski...

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    don't even mess with turbo/supercharged ski's ....unless you got @SS loads of money to waste on fixing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slothman View Post
    don't even mess with turbo/supercharged ski's ....unless you got @SS loads of money to waste on fixing it!

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    I've done a few motor swaps and upgrades (adding turbos/sups from other models...) It is possible, and fairly straightforward.

    To do the math, figure Yamaha charges $4400 more for the turbo model, and they get their parts and labor for a lot less than you can, so figure 2-3 times their numbers.

    Sure, you can do this, but it might cost $9000 (on top of the ski....)

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    The FXHO (MR1) could not handle a turbo.........the VX has less strong you would just be asking for trouble adding one. You would also need to change to multi throttle bodies etc to get decent power.........the cost would just be too prohibitive.

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    gotcha!..thanks again for replies!..can close now....

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