Does anybody *know* (as in actually tried) if the Evinrude EDiag software will interface with our EMM's in the FICHT hulls?

I have the software and all the updates, and it opens and runs fine. I don't however have my EMM as I shipped it off to DFI.

It states it works for the DI EMM's back to 2000, and the ETEC platform (outboards).
If I were a gambling man, I would bet this will work, as I can't see the manufacturer changing the communication code to be "Polaris specific". I CAN however see them rebranding existing software to say "Polaris Digital Wrench". Remember the EMM and Injectors are all BRP products, and so is this software.

From what I can tell this software will allow you to see and test all functions of the EMM, copy data from a bad EMM to good one, make adjustments for injector compensation, etc.

Does anyone have the time today, and a diag cable to test this out? If so PM me and I will send you the software.

I have my fingers crossed that we may have another solution for troubleshooting the EMM.