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    2 2000 Polaris Virage TX Fuel Leaks

    I purchased these two ski's last year and they run great. I have noticed some fuel in the hull but not a lot, I took them out last weekend, ran great. I then filled the fuel tanks on both. Today when I am getting ready to take them out I notice both of them are leaking a lot of fuel. As I felt the fuel tank it appears that the leaks are both on the left front sides, and appears to be coming from under the oil tank. I was going to look at the manual for this issue but thought I would post here after seeing some of the detailed answers to some of the questions. . Since this is happening on both ski's I assume this is a known problem? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Don't want to blow up on the ski??

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    Welcome the the Hulk. The only thing I can think of besides the tank having a leak is the filler neck clamp not being secure. I suppose if you was to fill it up and the filler neck clamp was not tight it could leak down the side of the tank. Just a suggestion. Would be hard to imagine that both tanks would be cracked but I guess it is possible.

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