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    01 virage starter won't stop once button is pressed

    Ski is an 01 virage 700 and the starter will not stop running until you pull the battery cables even after it starts. I tried replacing the stater solenoid and the start and stop button but no luck. Anybody have an idea if it could be the LR module or maybe the cdi. I have never seen or heard of one doing this so any help is much appreciated.

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    That is a bit nuts.
    Unplug the solenoid, the yellow with red should only have power when you push the start button.
    the blk/white is the ground for the solenoid( the pull down coil )-when the LR decides it's time to crank.

    I'd say it's possible corrosion some where

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    Low voltage on the battery,May have something also to do with it.

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    I would say the start stop module is not working properly. Try bypassing it via the instructions in K447's signature links.

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