I bought a huge lot of NGK spark plugs from a motorcycle shop some years back for less than what it would have cost me to buy the ones I needed. This has come in handy over the years, but I realize I don't need all of them, and want them to not go to waste.
Look at the picture and see what I have. Each of the larger boxes has QTY 10, and the smaller boxes have 4. I will be keeping a few of the 7es and 8es for future use (seem to be popular with what I work on).

If anyone has input on what these fit, post it up for others to see. These plugs are used in everything, not just PWC's.

Send me a PM as I will probably never see this thread again (I hang out in the Polaris forums). Just make me an offer and tell me what plugs you want, and how many. Shipping will be whatever the USPS priority box flat rate is (quantity determines box size, and cost). I can take paypal.

My PWC brothers get first dibs, then its off the fleabay.