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    750 SL Engine Issues

    While out on the water today my 1996 700 SL started to make a horrendous noise at about quarter throttle and suddenly stopped running. I hit the starter and it reluctantly started up, but knocked above an idle. While attempting to nurse it to shore it suddenly started to run fine. I had about two miles to go and had no problem at any R.P.M. About an hour later I took it out again and it did the exact same thing. I feel that I have an above average grasp of the mechanical working of an engine, but am completely baffled by the behavior of this engine. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    I would remove the jet pump and see that everything in there is good first, to eliminate that as a possiblilty. A knocking noise is usually not a good thing. Could be piston clearances are too large, or a bad rod bearing. It might be worth pulling the cylinder heads and having a look. Make sure there are no foreigh objects in there that could tell you if you have a crank bearing or rod bearing going out. Better to catch it now than before it completely blows up and takes the whole engine with it.

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