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    Confuse about the pentagon fuel pump 2 or 3 outlets

    The Mikuni sheet showing the 6 fuel pumps has only one 3 outlet model, the DF52-92. The pentagon 65LPH model, DF62-702, which I believe is for my 780 says it is a 2 outlet. The forum says to rebuild this pump and use it. But I thought you want to use a 3 outlet? Can someone set me straight because I need to get a rebuild kit or a new one.



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    The internal parts are identical on them. The triple outlet has 1 more fitting drilled into the exterior housing is all.

    Contact Jay at Sharp's marine to get the fuel pump rebuild. Around $20 a kit.

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    So then again, should I be using a different fuel pump? Don't I need one outlet per cylinder?

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    If you search fuel pump up grade. Most show 35 lpm and one line to each carb, or 2 lines T eed between the 3 carbs easier to do. From what I have read the 780 didn't need anything. The 650 & 750 had too small a pump and last cylinder would starve for fuel. Some say you can add the bigger 35lph pump with no other changes. But recomend getting all new fuel line , loose the gray lines, new submesible lines in tank. I am no expert but read at least 30 posts on subject. Don't loose restrictor in line.
    I am going 2 outlet method with the pump lower than top of tank.

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    I also need a rebuild kit for my pump DF62-702 do you recommend calling him or email? Does he usually have these in stock? Thanks!!

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    Just to clarify things:

    Both ROUND Mikuni fuel pumps (single outlet/stock 650/750 and the triple outlet) are both 35L per hr.

    The pentagon shaped one, either dual outlet or triple are 65L per hr. The triple came on the 780 stock.

    So the 780 pumps should just be rebuilt, and the ROUND ones should be replaced because the cost between a new pump and the rebuild isn't all that much.

    There is nothing wrong with the dual outlet "T"ed into the 3 carbs as mentioned previously.No need to buy another pump unless it makes you feel better.

    Call Jay at the shop. (sharps Marine) He may have the rebuilds in stock, if not, he'll get them pretty quickly.

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    Thank you!

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