I have an FZR with 29hrs. Never had any issues, last time I took it out it ran strong as usual. This time, as soon as I started it up, I hear a noise. Rode it briefly and seemed to have normal performance but noise continued.

I've spent some time looking it over, and I believe the jet impeller is making contact with the wall of the impeller housing. There is some mild scoring visible on the inner wall of the impeller housing. Is there a replaceable wear ring? What would have caused this?

I guess the obvious explanation is that something was sucked through, if so I was 100% unaware and never experienced any decreased peformance.

Is any visible wear in the wall normal? Could rust cause the noise? Should I not ride it before making repairs? Maybe bad bearings? Is the shaft bent? What is the normal clearance between the impeller and the impeller housing wall?

Any help is appreciated.