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    stealth mod piece

    Looking inside my gp1300r yesterday I noticed the big red tee for the hose flush kit. Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to order one of those from my dealer instead of spending $15 for the island racing one? It is like $5.4X and I've even found it for $3.4X online but would also need to pay shipping. I don't have the kit or anything so not sure, but it seems like a easy way to save a few bucks

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    What year is your ski? I'm not sure what part you're referencing.

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    different size... wont work

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    Since this comes up every so often and no one seems to want to help........

    Try this part....


    I am not 100% sure but this piece looks correct...It is used mainly on the Yamaha boat lines and is also black....

    Good Luck,

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