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    2007 gtx limited sensor displays

    just a question for you guys that are a little more fimiliar with the machine my G/F has a 07 gtx limited 215 and i just hooked to battery back up and when you hook up the dess key it does the regular beeps "sensor" displays for a few seconds but it fires right up havent had it in the water since it i noticed this it this normal last time i rode the machine was end of last season and we havent had it out yet but i dont remember any issues other then some cavitation out of the hole which i have purchased a wear ring for .....the machine only has 64 hours

    any thoughts thanks JUSTIN

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    Maybe the vts checked from the battery.I had the same on a friends gtx.Once I hook it to buds and uncheck the vts option,everything was fine!

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    my gtx says sensor when starting it - since new

    no problems at all, might have it hooked up to see if maybe vts is enabled

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    thanks for the quick reply i didnt think it was a big problem but just thought that i would double check

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