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    XLT/GPR 1200 Parts

    All from a 2005 XLT1200 66V PV motor (same as 1200R) Prices do NOT include shipping:

    whole motor 44hours needs new pistons and crank $750 - it has been checked out by my local yamaha dealer. They told me the cases and cylinders look ok but need a good cleaning and over haul.
    pv servo motor and all PV cables $100
    powervalves $30 a piece
    stock exhuast from manifold to waterbox $100
    2 stock carbs (need rebuild) $50 each
    stock impeller (no wear 44 hours) $100
    stock pump cone $10
    oil pump with all oil lines $50
    stock ride plate $50
    stock intake grate $25
    handbar pad/cover $10
    stock throttle trigger $10

    I might have more, so I will post an update. I will update when sold.

    Shipping is from 22405. All parts are from a fresh water ski which lost the crank. Parts were all working when removed this winter.

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    Are you willing to part out the cylinders? Please see my PM

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    Pm sent

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