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Thread: Hard Starting

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    Hard Starting

    08 Ultra LX..After sitting at our local Sand bar for a few hrs...get ready to go for a ride takes 6-7 maybe 8 attempts to get it started,when it does start, it sounds like its flooded?? this happens everytime we let it set in the water for a couple of hrs?? What can I do different , kinda confused...Thankx in advanced for your help

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    fit the 300 exhaust element it was designed to fix this problem search in the performance section

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    If it happens again before you do what nicjak has instructed you to do (which is what you want to do) take the seat off when you stop at the sand bar. When you go to start should be okay.
    This only seems to hapen in hot, or warm and humid conditions and typically after a long ride and then shut down.
    Some guys say blip the throttle a couple times before shutting down helps.
    Only happens on mine in summer after long hard ride.

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