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    The inlet, by the Coast Guard station.

    Piston top color- what does this indicate?

    My 1200 STXR seized the center piston connecting rod to the crank and I've started taking it apart.

    The first thing I didn't like was that the small oil line that connects to the top of the aft side of the case was just about off, and there was a puddle of oil under the line. It's the connection on the top of the crank case section above where the plastic driveshaft cover is.. what does this feed oil to? Is it to the connecting rods?

    The second thing I see that I don't like is that the forward piston is clean on top, the center piston has about a half-dollar sized area in the center of carbon or oil buildup, and the aft piston is completely covered with baked on black, similar to the center piston but coverign the whole slug. Does this say there is uneven oiling, or uneven fueling?

    The third thing of course is that the middle piston is stiff to the crank. It stands up by itself it's so stiffly seized. When the engine was assembles, turning the crank by hand was a chore and notchy. Are they roller bearings on the connecting rods or something?

    Can anyone tell me where a shop is (northern DE but I will drive a distance for a decent shop as I have already had bad experience in southern DE) that doesn't send the bottom-end work OUT when they get it, that will competently repair this siezed bearing if I drop it off? I mean.. by actually LOOKING and measuring to see if it can be repaired rather than telling me they can sell me an engine.


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    The inlet, by the Coast Guard station.
    Wow nothing? not even a "go read the FAQ"

    Am I in the wrong section, is there a section for repairs that are more difficult than deleting the flame arrestors :P

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    Sorry, for some reason I didn't even see your post until today.

    If the rod is 'stiff' on the crank, the crank needs to be overhauled. I seriously doubt that a local shop can do this correctly. The shaft is a bunch of pieces that are pressed together. Some repair shops then weld the shaft together to make sure it stays properly timed.

    To repair your crank, it will have to be sent to a place like HotRods. You may have to replace the rods. You might also look on Ebay for a good used crank.

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    lack of maint by the owner = Engine failure.

    good time to buy another ski.

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