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    99 Sea Doo GTX dieing issue

    I have a 1999 sea doo GTX. I can get it started and it idles fine but after abotu 2-3 minutes riding it it will out of nowhere just die. The motor shuts off and everything. Almost like something in the computer is shutting it off or like a fuel problem. But it runs fine for the first couple minutes so it doesnt make sense. After it sits for a minute or so i can start it back up and do it all over again. It did it to me 6 times today and only on one time on the dashboard it said hi temp. But idk if that has anything to do with it. Any help is extremely appreciated!

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    Thought i would add a little more info also that i just remembered. When putting the lanyard on the post it only beeps when it feels like it. Sometimes it beeps twice and sometimes it never beeps. Also when it dies the dash board completly shuts off sometimes. Not everytime but somtimes

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    Ok well i got it fixed. It was the stator! Figured i would let everyone know what the problem was so if someone else is having the same issues as i was they would know! thanks for all the help LOL!!!!!!!!!

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