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    msx 150 rebuild advice, upgrades

    OK I have this MSX 150 that my sister was kind eenough to overheat for me.

    I have been informed by Jay 4stroke polari tech that the engine needs a complete rebuild.

    Since this is the best hull I have ever been on, and the replacement value of the machine is quite high. The new Hondas and Seadoos are very expensive. I am opting to fix this machine. My questions:

    Will a MSX-140 engine drop in? Or is there extensive customization?

    Will any other engine drop in easily, without extensive fabrication?

    If I stick with the Weber 750 what upgrades can be had? I am only interested in reliability.

    Who should I be buying parts from?

    Would a used engine be a better route? What is the going rate on one?

    Is there any other advice that anyone can offer to make the machine as fun and reliable as possible?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    I am in the process of starting a rebuild on the Weber 750. Having the cylinder's re coated with Nycasil ensures longer longevity than stock due to the fact that the process has been improved on and refined since these ski's were manufactured.

    Stock Upgrades would be the new oil tank with catch canister and the updated turbo actuator.

    Aftermarket upgrades are an ECU flash to change fuel/air ratio during different RPM's by Desperado prevents fuel and oil blow by if I understand it correctly. He refers to that as the Stage 1 reflash.

    A stage 2 reflash coupled with his Turbo Upgrade and maybe a different pitched prop would be all the upgrades and your machine would be faster than most anything on the water as far as I know.

    Desperado at or has forged pistons and some other upgrades. Both of these guys sell short blocks already rebuilt. So if you wanted to save time you could pull your engine and drop in one that is already rebuilt or brand new. The Stage 1 reflash of the ECU is a must for reliability in my opinion. My two skis will probably get the reflash this off season.

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