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    2010 RXT-X Steering Adjustment

    Well I've searched and the only post referring to this mentioned 'major adjustment' but doesn't explain more.

    I'm steering turns really really sharp to the left but not sharp enough to the right.

    How do I adjust this, I could take it to the dealer but there is a wait and a long drive.

    Also it has the AES adjustment, just how tight do these need to be done as I have done them reasonable tight but the grips still slip round.


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    The called for Tq spec on the AES is only 80 INCH pounds. I've moved mine, and I just snugged them up and they have been fine for 2 years.

    The steering adjustment being refered to is of the steering cable. The picture attached is taken from the back of the ski. The bolts are easier to get to from the front. You loosen the 2 bolts, and then turn the nut on the cable. I have not done this adjustment, so I can not tell you which way to turn the nut to move the steering which way. When you tighten the 2 nuts back up, thye have the same Tq as the bars do, 80 INCH lbs.
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    I've adjusted mine - get someone to watch your nozzle - level the handle bars - adjust.
    Once you loosen the clamp you can turn the adjuster by hand. NOT hard to do just hard to get to.

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    Did it yesterday thank younfor your help!

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