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    Angry 94 polaris sl 650 starting problems :/ please someone HELP!

    I have a 94 polaris sl 650 triple cyl that i just picked up and started putting it back together (its a nightmare)... I put in a new starter and starter relay/solenoid, and all i get is the relay/solenoid "clicks"... I am using a jumpbox to start it because i haven't bought a battery yet.. Could it be that i don't have enough juice? the motor spins nice and easy, i also replaced the wear ring.. Im so stumped! please someone help me...

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Try a new battery, you're going to have to buy 1 anyways. You're not going to be able to use the jump box on the water anyhow....

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    I completely understand... I know i need a battery anyway, but a fully charged jump box with 650 cranking amps should turn that starter motor no problem no? i know my jump box needed charging, so i fully charged it and im yet to try it... but im asking, is there anything else other than a new starter (which it has) and new solenoid/relay (which it has)... is there anything else that i might of overlooked?

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    Make sure you have a completely solid and clean connection at the ground cable on BOTH ends.

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    Okay will do. But if when i push the start button and the solenoid "clicks" does that mean that the ground is okay? I have looked at most of your posts and threads and i can't find anything related to my issue.. I even replaced the solenoid twice.. and i still get the same "just clicks" note: it has cranked before... it will crank and when i let go of the start button and then try to start it again, i get the damn "click" and no crank..i cleaned the terminals on the cdi box.. wat about the circuit breaker? would that have anything to do with my no crank, or would that just affect ignition after cranking? thank you very much for all of your help

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