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    My GP1200R idle adjustment screw just broke off....

    So I just finished rebuilding my top end and got my carbs rebuilt in my gp1200r, cranked it up and it sounded good but wouldn't idle (kept cutting off). Turned the idle adjustment screw (throttle stop screw per the shop manual) to get it to idle and it broke right off at the base of the cable. Looks like the cable rusted through right near where it connects to the carbs. I thought I was going to be putting around breaking in the engine today... epic fail

    I'm trying to figure out what I need to replace, this diagram shows parts 31, 32, 33, 34 as part of that assembly:

    As far as I can tell my part 31 cable broke before the spring and should be the only part i need... at $73! Can anyone offer advice whether this approach will cover my problem? Is there any alternate methods to idle adjustment or any way to install this cable without completely removing the muffler and carbs again?

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    You should place a "WTB" in the classifieds for that part.... I'll bet someone has one lying around.... Try a pm to "Osidebill".

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    Got one lying around. Pm me if u want it.

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