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    2004 MSX with numerous diagnostic codes was told possible short - need help!

    I have a pair of 2004 MSX 110's, that I do enjoy riding. This year one of them wouldn't go above 15 to 20 mph and check engine light came on. (It did this last year, but eventually ran great and check engine light went out without any service.) This year check engine light stays on, so I took to dealer to be put on Digital Wrench and found numerous diagnostic codes. Codes are: P0113, P0135, P0237, P0243, P1263 and P1604. Was told there is a possible short somewhere in system. Any ideas where to begin to look for this short or and ideas if it could be something else?

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    Do you know what codes were historic and the ones that showed current. Historic codes should always be disregarded when troubleshooting.

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    Unfortunately, I do not. I had asked the dealer to record this for me but the only thing I ended up with is a list of all of these codes and a bill. When we took it out, we had battery issues. Would a battery that is not fully charged throw all of these codes? I love the msx 110's, they are a blast to ride but frankly, digital wrench is bogus only from the standpoint that it is proprietary to a Polaris dealer.

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