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    2002 Virage will not crank or bilge pump

    Hi all,

    We have a 2002 Virage (carburated model). Used less than 100 hours, always stored dry.

    We put it up a few of weeks ago, and after two weeks tried to start, but nothing. Not even a click. Just like the battery was completely dead. Ski was running fine before that.

    Bilge pump does not operate either, display works normal.

    So far:

    -tested and tightened all battery connections, and also undid and retightened ground from battery to engine block. All are clean, and tight. All electrical connections look fine, no corrosion.

    -connected battery charger, just in case.

    -installed known good battery (checked on other ski).

    -checked electronic box. Both fuses are good, inside of box looks like new, with no water intrusion or damage., and all grease still in place.

    -replaced module, the one with the 5 or 6 wires that is attached with two allen nuts, with a known good module from other ski.

    Polaris remains unresponsive, once again, just like there is not even a battery hooked up.

    Any ideas where to go next? As said before, Polaris was working as normal when put up.


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    I would look at the kill switch.

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    Thanks thester71.

    If someone has a similar problem, here is what I did:

    -Suspected the starter solenoid. Remove wire harness to starter solenoid and tested. When start button was pressed, it did not give me 12 volts, but only 0.12 volts.
    -Removed covers from steering wheel to access 4-pole plug that leads to starter switch.
    -Tested continuity from the red/purple stripe wire from that plug to the solenoid plug. Showed bad continuity.
    -Checked the connector plug that is stowed in the front above the fuel tank: two pins corroded and broken.

    On to ordering a new plug!

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    try doing a load test on battery, and check the solinoid

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    The battery was fine, and so was the solenoid, but the switch power to the solenoid was bad. And that was traced back to a corroded Deutsch style connector plug by the fuel tank.

    Two pins had corroded and broke off, killing the signal from the start stop switch to the starter solenoid.

    Now I have to find out what the exact part number for the right replacement pins is on the Deutsch connector website:

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