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    please help

    hi i have just taken out my water box and guuted it and put back with straight through exhaust it sound really really nice but wen i get to 50 mph and its just about to take off it bleeps and says hi temp . now wen i fetched it out the water the hull was half full ov hot water. wen i checked my pipes the bottom hose on the jay pipe was very lose i have now tightend it up but not yet had chaqnce to re-try could this be anything els other than the pipe as im really not guna get a chance to try it till next weekend end wen i due to go away with the ski ?// thanks ps the ski gtx 1.5 supercharged 2003

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    Make sure the weld's are good and make sure sensor is pluged back in. ride slowly with seat off to make sure it isn't spewing water out.

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    hi i have checked the water box the welds are fine im thinking it has to be the hose i have now got the clip nice and tight. im hopping to get it back on the water tday at some point fingers crossed it will be fine . but if by chance it goes to boost and bleeps hi temp wot other problem could it be ??? thanks

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