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    97 seadoo gtx hits rev limiter.. need help!

    okay. i bought the ski a few days ago.. the guy said that the 12v low light was flashing and it needed a new battery.. i did all the checks and the batter is good. ive been reading where the rectifire will cause it to run in a limp mode. i did the check pulled the red wire and it still did the same thing.. the 12v low light is no longer flashing and now it says hi temp when you hit the starter button with no laynard... but when you start the ski its goes away... i am not getting any beeps when i put the laynard on but it still starts up.. its not the carbs.. its nott the fuel lines. it is somthing electrical im almost positive.. why would it say hi temp when i hit the starter witth no laynard?? compression is 150 in both cylinders. i am confused and i dont know where to start. i checked all the fuses and cleaned all the connections.. any suggestions? ps. by limp mode i mean it hits the rev limiter..

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    nvm i think its the wear ring.

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