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    Flipped Seadoo, now it won't start.

    I got my first Seadoo last month. A 95 GTX. I was told that if I ever sucked up a stick to flip the Seadoo over, pull the stick out and upright it. So, when I sucked up a stick yesterday, this is what I did. After removing the stick and uprighting it, it started right up and ran for 5 minutes. Then it died and now it won't start. It appears that there is a lot more gas in the tank that I had when I started. Is it possible it could have filled the gas tank or engine with water when I had it upside down in the water? Can I simply syphon out the gas and fill it with fresh gas? Or is this going to need a mechanic? Any suggestions appreciated. I am no mechanic and anyting beyond refilling with fresh gas is beyond me.

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    NEVER intently flip you ski over, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Prob got water in it. Need to drain and replace all fluids and put new plugs in and go from there.

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    to add to that....pull the plugs, hold the throttle wide open and crank it over till all the water is out of the cylinders. then follow the above post. run it for a while in the water to make sure that the water is out of the crank case.

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