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    RAVE cleaning and rebuild 96 xp

    one of the rave's on one of my xp's had been leaking oil. every time i would ride there would be oil all spewed out. any way i took em out and both had little rips in the bellows.thats the red rubber thing right? so my question is: what does a rebuild kit consist of? im guessing that it has a new bellows & spring, o-ring,& gasket. i cleaned the valve up real nice. Will this help the performance of my ski? It always runs and starts fine, but i think the bellows have been leaking since i got it. also if one is in this shape, the other ski probably needs it too. They've been brother and sister since they were new.

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    a rebuild will consist of a new green bellow, two ring springs, one large and one small, rubber o ring, and a gasket all x2

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    i cleaned my raves. i took a wire wheel on a small grinder and (LIGHTLY) buffed the black carbon off the valve. cleaned everything up with brake-kleen and a rag. everything looks good but the bellow. i looked up the parts and it seems that i can buy just the gasket and bellow. i think that is all i need.but i don't know. i dont have 2 ring springs on mine. only on the big end. i didnt see a large and small ring spring on the parts list. only a large.

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