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    holed a piston... shutoff valve? also not charging...

    Ok so my brother went to camp yesterday and used my slt 700. Went to start it today and battery was weak... too weak to get ignition. So i started asking questions (odd for the battery to be suddenly flat) and it turns out he brought it in because he though it was getting low on gas. Im thinking the battery was dieing and the iginition was doing funny things... Regardless he switched the valve to reserve only a minute or so before he reached shore. grrrrr.... I never touched it since i bought it to avoid that.. I charged the battery and went for a ride as i wanted to see if the battery would indeed go flat again.. however before i returned to shore i felt a drop of power and a god awful knocking sound... Tested compression maybe 5 psi in pto, 125 in mag. And the battery was indeed too flat to start again upon reaching shore. Fuel selector valve kill my engine? Why only one cylinder if that the case? should effect both no?

    So now im thinking stator... update kit has probably not been done.
    Piston and rings, hopefully a ball hone is all that will be needed.

    Should i just update both jugs to 00 later to get the extra 15 horsepower? is the pipe different as well?

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    If you get 98 or later cylinders and the ignition update that should get you the 95 HP. I bet you lost a rod bearing, that's what the knocking sound is. Luckily these 700s are pretty reasonable to rebuild. I did mine for somewhere between 600 and 700 bucks. The fuel valve should always be shut off when not riding to prevent pressurized fuel from flooding the engine. Pull the heads and post some pic and there will be plenty of us here to offer help and advice on what to do next.

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    i dont think its a rod bearing. It was more of a rattle then a knock id say.. perhaps backfiring through the piston hole.. Sounded like extreme detonation.. This all happened in a 5 sec span and engine wouldnt refire as battery was dead. Engine made no sounds prior to burn through and the plug i pulled out of the PTO got so hot the ground strap on the plug (br8es) melted towards the electrode and i could see spots of aluminum on the plug. Could the rod bearing have gone out at the same time in this 5 second span? sure i guess this year anything is possible... Unfortunately i have had a different rod bearing issue here about 1 month ago on my ls1 trans am at the drag strip... Im in the process now of pulling that engine and putting in a 5.3 liter vortec and boosting it to about 600 rwhp.. Also cracked a head on my saturn, my carbs on my 70 horse evinrude need rebuilding.... what else? This is not my year for motors... Maybe my weed whacker will throw a rod through the side of it too...

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