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    Need advice help

    Ok Here is whats up 2004 RXP- Riding Machine and Sunk, and went down Fast ! Got all the water out, Boiled motor, changed oil Running Fine at the Moment- Problem..... I Cannot Find for the Life of Me Why it Sunk- I Checked this thing over Before every weekend what am I Missing-

    Seadoo dealer , and Local Shop Cannot Find anything either-

    No exhaust Leaks- NO Hose Leaks
    No Carbon Ring Leak -
    Drain Plugs where tight-
    Put the Machine on Trailer with Tie Downs and Backed into Lake- No Leak
    Filled the machine up with a Hose From the inside No Leaks-
    Checked Bolts for opas No Leaks-
    Can Anyone Else think of what may have cause this thing to Sink so fast-
    I Have Put 3 Hours on Machine since then and No leaks- Kinda paranoid to Use it alone cause I Dont want to Happen again- Waiting on Oil filters to change oil yet again- Can anyone Think what might of Happened. The Only thing That I am going to Check is the Seal where the 2 Hulls meet-



    Please Help

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    Usually when they fill up that fast it is a leak in the IC/exhaust cooling water. The difference in pressure is pretty big between cruising and full throttle ... you may have a hose with a split in it that only opens up at full throttle. Take the seat off and go for a ride ... do some full throttle runs and look into the hull, you should find water spraying in somewhere.

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