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    2005 RXT bogging down on turns

    This weekend i put my seadoo's in and when i put them both in they water was shallow and there was alot of muck/mud that was getting sucked up. Let them both idle out of it and then it cleared out of one and it ran fine. The 2005 RXT though was vibrating when you would accel really bad but then got through it. It feels like it is accelerating in a straight line ok maybe a bit under powered. But when you go to coner it boggs down bad and takes coners very slow and wide. Cant get it to flip around either. Sounds like super charger is winding up fine and all. Any help would be gratefull.

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    Check your intake grate, front part of the impeller, behind impeller but in front of pump, behind pump, venturi and steering nozzle for debris. Weeds, sticks, hats, gloves, etc. jammed in any of the parts listed above will cause your symptoms!

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    checked for all this stuff right away when problem happended. Nothing obvious stuck any where. Looking for why is boggs down on turns so bad.

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