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    Safty check that will avoid a major spill on the water

    Last year I replaced the ride plate on my 2007 250 ultra jet-ski. So I had a solid 5 months
    of very aggressive riding on the lake. Little did I know that the left hand side ride plate bolts were loosing
    and were coming out one by one.

    Saturday while running at 63 MPH on the lake the ride plate dropped on the let side becoming a under
    water wing causing a instandt sharp LEFT turn at 63 MPH throwing me ove the hanndle bars.

    Result was hitting the water head first, breaking off one of my back teeth.. lucky nothing else
    broke. It happen so fast, I could not even begin to slow down.

    So I recommend a pre-season check on ride plate bolts that cost nothing vs my new $1500 crown.

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    loctite in the first place would have prevented it

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