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    08 rxt riva stage 3 what to expect

    Hey guys looking to do a riva stage 3 on my 08 rxt just curious if it will make the ski less reliable and less of a life span also what top speed should I expect? How much worse the ski will be on fuel? And how much to buy and have installed I'm thinking over 8 grand thanks any info will be great I'm tired of getting smoked by the rxp 255 lol

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    Rather than buy a whole stage 3 kit for 6-7k spend that money on the more important stuff like a good supercharger/intercooler, ecu, prop etc etc. Spend the money on the important stuff. Search around on the forum and you will find great results. Also why have someone install all that for you... working on your ski isn't hard at all. Probably atleast 1k for installation.. which could be spent elsewhere.

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    If I would have to bring it to a shop to install. I would probably bring it to speedfreaks shop. I hear that eric does great work. He is located in NY, so you have someone who is well known on the board + he is local.

    I would also just skip of buying the whole stage 3 kit, and do it part by part. If you speak to erik, I am pretty sure he can create up a package that would be a lot better than the stage 3 kit for the amount you are willing to spend.

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